Custom Made / Bespoke

We offer complete service to our clients – from design to manufacture and installation.

Genuinely bespoke cabinet making service, containing good design, project management with the traditional craftsmanship skills of high end joinery and fine cabinet making experience.

We strive to keep our clients satisfied, and that is why we work directly with you to achieve the best outcome. The way we work is broken down into five simple steps: Consultation and initial ideas, Measuring, Approved design, Production, Installation.

We’d firstly arrange a meeting to discuss your project requirements; the clients brief is our starting point. Whether your someone who has a broad idea of what they wish to achieve, or an individual seeking to recreate another design they’ve seen. Our goal is to meet those requirements. Following the consultation we will create a fully customised design of your product. Depending on the nature of the project, we will provide you with a combination of fronts, wood samples, appliances, paint finishes and much more help aid your decision.

Our second meeting is very much a collaborative and consultative process. We present our ideas and designs to you. Here you can be as selective as you want, and really begin to piece together that perfect product. We will provide you with free planning, talk through installation, delivery options, and give you and estimated quote on the project.