Bear Comforter – Blue


Important facts, how to choose the appropriate comforter for babies and toddlers:

Experts advise that the safest way for a baby to sleep is with nothing in the cot – just baby and a sleeping bag – for the first year. This is because a soft toy, lovey, blankie or baby comforter can present a suffocation risk. During the first year, babies develop at very different stages so while one child may be able to sit up, crawl and handle a comforter with confidence at 8 months, another may only just be learning how to roll over.

This is why it’s essential parents use their judgement when giving a baby under one a soft toy to sleep with. Infants don’t have the strength or co-ordination to remove anything that may fall over their face. However, baby comforters, blankies, or loveys, can play an essential role in helping a baby learn how to sleep through the night. And the earlier they’re introduced, the sooner they can help give your baby that all important comfort and reassurance at bedtime.

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This is a cute bear comforter that would make a lovely toddler gift and is likely to be a favourite of toddler’s for a long time!

It is crocheted with a premium quality Catania acrylic yarn and is in a few lovely soft colours – mostly blue and dusky brown. The blanket part of the lovey is 28cm by 28cm and the bear head is crocheted in blue and dusky brown and the black eyes and mouth are embroidered on so very safe with no plastic parts. It is stuffed with a poly-fibre filling, suitable for stuffed animals and dolls.

Washing instruction:
Hand wash only with mild detergent. Roll in a towel to remove excess water and then air dry. Redistribute stuffing if necessary. Do not use a dryer!