Aiden, The Giraffe


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This cute Teddy Bear is the perfect gift for any child’s or family’s celebration.

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Aiden The Giraffe is looking for a new friend to bond with. Sharing their free time and secrets, being sleeping buddies. A lovely Gift for any occasion or can be used as a Nursery decor. Due to small parts (safety eyes) this toy is not advised for children younger then 3 years old, may present a choking hazard.

Aiden The Ballerina is about 39cm tall.

– High Quality Catania Cotton.

-100% polyester/polyamide filling suitable for stuffed animals and dolls.

– Safety Eyes , Black.

Washing instruction:

If spot cleaning doesn’t do the trick you can carefully wash him in the sink, using cool water and a mild soap. Reshape and air dry. Do not use a dryer!