Olive Wood – Oil, Vinegar, Salt and Pepper Set


This product is made from the finest quality olive wood.

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 This Set is made of the finest quality olive wood. The olive tree that yields this wood is very distinctive because of its naturally saturated state, which makes it virtually impervious to liquids. This natural strength of the wood allows it to be used in the kitchen for many years, retaining its pleasant smell. The natural design of the olive wood grain makes it an exemplar and unique wood to own. We advise you to wash our products with soap & water, and never in the dishwasher. When the olive wood is dry, you can enhance and extend the life of the beautiful grain, by lightly rubbing it with any type of seed oil. We suggest using linseed, sunflower, corn and any kind of oil along those lines (never use olive oil otherwise the board with become dark). Our products are designed to maintain their original appearance and will have a long life, and if care for correctly. The olive wood products we carry were chosen for their high quality and to complement and enhance the use of our products.

Size: 19cm x 21cm x 17cm