Stinga Tarsia – Musical Jewellery Box / Blue with Flowers


The Stinga family have been Sorrento’s masters of wood inlay since 1890. Third-generation brothers Franco and Roberto keep the family tradition alive, meticulously crafting marquetry jewelry boxes, picture frames, and tabletops in styles from classic to strikingly modern. These artistic scenes and complex geometric mosaics are painstakingly made by insetting and veneering slivers of orangewood, walnut, olive wood, rosewood, maple, mahogany, chestnut, ebony, and other exotic woods.

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Flowers Musical Jewellery Box

This beautiful wooden musical jewellery box is hand crafted & finished in blue veneers with flower marquetry inlaid into the lid. The top is edged in palisander with a thin inlaid border & the base is fitted with wooden feet. Open the music box to reveal the plush lined interior complete with ring holder & hear the music play. Wound from underneath, the musical movement is fitted to one side of the box under the velvet cover, which can be lifted out to view the mechanism within the compartment.

Approx Size : 20 x 13 x 7cm