Ceramic Cascades Bell/Wind Chimes


Handmade Pottery. Designed for indoor use.

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Ceramic wind chimes provide you a unique handmade and high quality painted indoor decoration. Decorative ceramic chimes are very recognizable from their bright and beautiful glazes to the wide variety of themes that are available. Also, handcrafted chimes provide you with a more elegant and unique hanging chime because of the dazzling colors and allow you to turn any time in the year into a fun and decorative time.
Originally indoor wind chimes were hung by the hundred on the eves, walls and ceilings of Buddhist temples; these chimes were constructed with painstaking detail and they were hung in the temples as a mark of their spiritual significance. While people will hang “indoor wind chimes” in many different areas of the home it is generally believed that if a chime is hung so that it faces a certain star this can bring good luck into your life. Stars are known to be fire elements and when the chimes are facing them they are thought to receive sustenance, which is what attracts the luck into your home and your life.
It is best to experiment in a variety of different spots of where you would like to hang your ceramic wind chimes. It’s best if you can place it where it is viewable from multiple vantage points as you want to take full advantage of this beautifully handcrafted garden accent.
Full Length: 50cm